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ZECHA offers an extensive range of DIN 9861 and ISO 8020
compliant blanking punches, preliminary stages for blanking sleeves,
guide bushes and semi-finished products





High quality DIN/ISO standard range in stock

Punched parts are the cogs in the clockwork of everyday life:  They are encountered in computers and mobile phones as well as domestic appliances or pieces of furniture.

Especially in progressive tools, high numbers and low production downtime are important. High service lives and low maintenance costs must be assured without the geometric accuracy and precision being compromised.

ZECHA offers the extensive range of DIN/ISO compliant tools in high quality paired with prompt and uncomplicated delivery. Cylindrical DIN parts such as punches and sleeve blanks are available direct from stock.

They comprise the DIN 9861 B compliant solid carbide punch or DIN 9861 D compliant solid carbide punch with countersunk head of steel or the ISO 8020 A compliant variant with a cylinder head of steel. ZECHA also offers solid carbide blanking sleeves from a diameter of 1.1 mm with a waste stop and as sintered blank according to works standard and with starting hole.


Here you can find our varied range of standard products. 


Special solutions

Blanking parts in micro format are required in numerous industries, but it is not always possible to fall back on standard tools. Two thirds of all the blanking and shaping tools we manufacture therefore count as special tools. And yet, ZECHA is primarily a service provider and problem solver, especially where the vertical range of manufacture of our customers ends.

Whether individual parts, small series or as larger scale series production: with a sure sense for technical and economic feasibility we develop individual solutions for the specific applications of our customers on the basis of customer submissions or our own drawings. The right process can achieve individual rotation-symmetric and profile-ground solid carbide tools with intricate shapes, minimal tolerances and concentric precision of <1µm.


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